The Canadian Adventures of Angus and Edmond

By Gunna Dickson, with Illustrations by Judi Bradford
Nov 5, 2021 _Cover illus Final v5

In their sixth adventure, NYC-based adopted Angora-mix brothers Angus and Edmond take off for a quick visit to their neighbor to the North — and land in another world. The hospitality of scenic pre-Christmas Montreal, the most European city in North America, warms them as they visit the majestic 17th Century Notre Dame Basilica and go skating in the shadow of La Grande Roue in the historic Old Port. The dynamic duo succumbs to the wintry wonderland charms of snow-clad Quebec City, where making memories is easy on a leisurely calèche ride and thrilling toboggan run on the banks of the ice-clogged St. Lawrence River. They eat poutine and maple sugar treats, frolic on the Plains of Abraham and look ahead to Carnival festivities. Angus is in his element in the French-speaking province of Quebec and Edmond finds his voice in a most unusual way. The brothers even contemplate a career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 

Amazon review:
“Another great book in the Angus and Edmond series! These cats never fail to entertain!” — Dagnija M. Anders

AE6 Chapter 8 B_W Mounties

The Hungarian Adventures of Angus and Edmond

By Gunna Dickson, with Illustrations by Suellen Crowley Weaver 
Nov 1, 2019

When a spin of their inflatable globe lands Angus and Edmond in Hungary, the well-traveled Angora-mix littermates tour the beautiful capital city of Budapest and emerge as cultured and classical cats. A day trip to Vienna lands them in more trouble than they’ve ever been. Is it enough to make the fashion-conscious , multi-lingual brothers stop traveling?                 

Celtic Life International review:
Back again for another amazing adventure are the dynamic feline duo Angus and Edmond. Readers of this hilarious and heartfelt saga have watched these two curious cats find themselves in a myriad of predicaments as they travelled through Scotland, Key West, Italy, Spain and beyond. This year, the purring pair have landed themselves – quite unexpectedly – in Hungary, where they immerse themselves in Budapest’s distinct and luxurious culture. As is the norm with these two, however, trouble is not far away, and things take a rather surprising turn. The Angus and Edmond adventures are warm reminders to slow down, enjoy the world and not take things too seriously. It’s the perfect gift for both the child in your life and for the child in your heart.


The Catalonia Adventures of Angus and Edmond

By Gunna Dickson, with Illustrations by Friends of Jon McIntosh
Sept 20, 2018, Outskirts Press

In this fourth book of lively cat tales, the Angora-mix brothers adopted from the New York Humane Society are back from their Italian adventure and busy working on a new one. While Angus tries out for the Animal Olympics swim team, Edmond is learning Spanish. Together they help clean up post-hurricane Key West, and take a celebratory trip to Barcelona, where they arrive on the day Catalonia votes for independence and become witnesses to history. This book is dedicated to the memory of illustrator/ fine artist Jon McIntosh.

Amazon review:
“Yes! The “Cat-alonian” adventures of our favorite felines, Angus and Edmond, will delight and inform in so many ways!  If you are planning a trip to Barcelona, or simply want to learn more about the city and its culture, politics, food, art and architecture, Angus’ and Edmond’s newest adventure story is a must read! These animated and discerning cats know how to travel. Their portrait of this glorious city soon will have you packing your bags!” — Janie828


The Italian Mystery Adventures of Angus and Edmond

By Gunna Dickson, with Illustrations by Jon McIntosh
Oct 23, 2017, Virtualbookworm

With the Highlands of Scotland and Key West, Florida, adventures behind them, Angora-mix brothers Angus and Edmond are resting up at home in New York City enjoying the easy life until they cross paths with a shady rodent and begin receiving cryptic messages. A mystery woman arrives on the scene and before they know it they are hot on the trail of clues she leaves behind. They head for Italy where the clues lead them to the opera in Milan and the carnival in Venice. Mix-ups occur and danger threatens, but the quick-witted cats are ready for any challenge.

Amazon review:
“Brava! Loved this book! From New York City’s Frick Museum to the canals of Venice, the author takes us on a magical journey that makes for a wonderful read! A must-read for animal lovers and world travelers of all ages!” — Elaine F.

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The Key West Adventures of Angus and Edmond

By Gunna Dickson, with Illustrations by Jon McIntosh
Aug 8, 2016, Virtualbookworm

Just back from the Highlands of Scotland, Angus and Edmond pack up their tartan gear and find themselves looking for beachwear. In this book of lively cat tales for pet parents and patriots, the Angora mix brothers receive a surprise invitation to Key West and set off on a road trip from their New York home. On the way they see the Liberty Bell and Rocky Balboa in Philadelphia, patriotic sites in Washington D.C., and a Civil War battlefield in Maryland. 

Amazon review:
“The mischievous and curious cats strike out again; this time heading south to the Sunshine State. The lads take in the sights and sounds and cuisines of the favored stops that punctuate the Eastern Seaboard. They arrive in Key West, where after a rather rocky start, they fall into full vacation mode – taking full advantage of sun, surf, water sports, historic sites and tales, sea creatures in the wild as well as Grilled African Pompano, and piano jazz.Full of playful romps, the two endearing toms and their travelogues and escapades have become a favorite “go-to” story choice in our home. The stories are whimsical and yet filled with interesting cultural clues as well as geographic and historic asides. The illustrations are enchanting, bringing Angus and Edmond fully to life for the reader!” — Janie828

The Adventures of Angus and Edmond

The Adventures of Angus and Edmond
By Gunna Dickson, with Illustrations by Jon McIntosh
Oct 20, 2015, Virtualbookworm

This lively book of cat tales follows brothers Angus and Edmond on a journey to trace their roots – from a shelter in New York City to the Highlands of Scotland. Their adventures take them to Paris, London, Edinburgh and St. Andrews. While soaking up local history, the lads hit the tourist shops, visit castles and ghoulish sites, and play a round of golf at The Royal and Ancient. Along the way they meet the Loch Ness Monster and the ghost of Hamish McHamish. A feast of fun for animal lovers.

Amazon review:
Entertaining, well-written. A fun way to learn more about Scotland.Peekaboo

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By Stewart G. Dickson
Oct 10, 2011, Virtualbookworm

Deep in the Secret Archives of The Vatican, startling 500-year-old documents are discovered. Immediately, an elite, clandestine arm of the curia is alerted. The Watch-which they believe could change the course of history-begins. One year later, a series of bizarre, bloody murders occur in the U.S. The killings appear to follow the path of a Royal visit by an heir to the British throne. The murder weapons are linked to the 16th Century. One of the first victims is the daughter of a New York doctor. Faced with an information black-out by police, he reaches out to an old friend, John Taylor, a jaded ex FBI agent now unhappily lecturing on criminology at a Washingon D.C. university. Taylor’s reluctant investigation of the murder draws him into the chase for the killer and back into the Agency fold. In Rome, the Vatican team launches its own hunt for the killer, employing their own agent, Joseph Salemi, a mercurial Sicilian priest. In London, Moberley Johns, a herald at The College of Arms, is recruited. As embarrassed security chiefs on both sides of the Atlantic try to cover up the hunt for the murderer, the FBI agents and the Vatican uneasily join forces. Is the killer a madman or, as the Vatican secretly believes, a human vehicle possessed by the spirit of one of history’s most terrible tyrants? 

Amazon reviews:
This a compelling mixture of current times, history, and Catholicism which produces a very interesting and entertaining story. The FBI, the Vatican, and British intelligence are all involved in this mystery. “Vair” kept me guessing (Wrong most of the time.) about what next?” — Don S
“I could not put it down. Dan Brown meets Stieg Larrson!… This twisting and compelling thriller catapults you through the centuries to a timeworn rift of church and state. It draws you along a frightening trail, past the horrifying wreckage wrought by deep-seated fury and medieval weaponry, and further into the deepest recesses of the Vatican’s own cache of letters, diaries, and desperately-guarded secrets. It whisks you right to the present where a series of brutal murders baffle and defy bishops, priests, FBI agents and scholars seeking desperately to unravel the mystery…. Still, the author leaves ample room for the welcome respite of a gentle tenderness and a quiet love that gives the story a comforting heartbeat.” — Janie828
“Interesting read. Imaginative theory.” — Catlady
“If you liked The Da Vinci Code, you will be totally absorbed with this plot. Vair is an excellent thriller, I give it five stars.” — JohnB
Celtic Life International review:
Leith-born writer Stewart Dickson was both world-renowned and well respected for his contributions to journalism. His experience and eye for detail serves him well in his first and only work of fiction, Vair, a political-historical thriller that takes readers on a wild ride from the Vatican to the USA, the UK and beyond. Engaging, entertaining and educational, this is a thinking man’s The Da Vinci Code, blurring the line between fact and fiction, and challenging the audience to consider an array of angles and ideas. With solid character development, strong dialogue and a soaring narrative arc, those looking for a great story won’t be able to put it down. The only shame here is that, with the author’s untimely passing in 2011, there will be no sequel.”
Stewart and Gunna Dickson
Celtic Life International interview: read here

VAIR: Ann’s Story

By Gunna Dickson
Oct 17, 2016, Virtualbookworm

In Stewart Dickson’s historical thriller, VAIR, fact blurred with fiction as a trail of brutal murders using 16th Century weapons followed the modern-day U.S. visit of a British royal. Was the killer a madman or a human vehicle possessed by the spirit of history’s most terrible tyrants?Where VAIR ends, Ann’s Story begins. With the reign of terror over, a tale of love, loss and political subterfuge emerges. The blond actress Ann Powell and jaded FBI agent John Taylor, along with beautiful Cuban special agent Emelina Calderon and other familiar figures from VAIR continue the journey.

Amazon review:
“Ann’s Story” is a rich and compelling read. It is at once a poignant journey through love, loss, discovery and self-discovery and a captivating tale of cut-throat politics, deceit, political manipulation, and fabricated scandal. Punctuated with pithy commentary on the trappings of today’s political system, the book is replete with power struggles, greed, maneuvering and the wholesale unraveling – in some spheres – of journalistic integrity. Coming fresh off the heels of Stewart Dickson’s “Vair”, the fast-paced thriller awash in history, intrigue, brutal crimes, and mystery – soothed by the gentle undercurrent of an emerging and ever-strengthening love, “Ann’s Story” answers the fearful questions arising from Vair’s last pages. The characters pick up where “Vair” left us hanging. The difference is that the tumult of the urgent struggle to co-opt the course of 16th century history and to track down a satanic killer that is the centerpiece of “Vair”, has given way in “Ann’s Story” to intensive bouts with more modern-day demons. “Ann’s Story” is at once a love story and a behind-the-scenes portrait of a broken political system.Fresh and ingeniously presented through her characters’ spirited conversations, Dickson’s insights are timely given today’s rapidly shifting geopolitical landscape. Further her characters’ discussions are grounded in the lessons of the past and reminders of history’s tendency to repeat itself. We are reminded of the histories endured by the Baltic states, by Cuba, by Ukraine, by today’s Syrians, Venezuelans, and others, and the root causes of their suffering. We are reminded of the corruption eroding and unraveling our own systems today.
“Ann’s Story” is an intimate sharing of one woman’s most tender thoughts, inner-most feelings, realizations, memories, and her profound loss. Her love story takes us through carefree Scottish holidays, a languid passage on the QE2, through wood-paneled Manhattan Pubs and tony five-star Palm Beach hotels, where lively political debates, savory meals, fine wines and lagers set the tone. Yes, “Ann’s Story” is to be savored; perhaps best savored immediately after reading “Vair”.  Read them both. They are one. They are powerful and enduring.
“Ann’s Story” is Gunna Dickson’s tribute to her husband.” – Janie828

Celtic Life International review: read here

Away on Business: The Human Side of Corporate Travel

By Gunna Dickson
2007, iUniverse

Much is written about the latest technological developments and strategies for success to give business travelers an edge over their competition. But in the end success may be measured as much by what happens before or after a meeting, as during the actual session. It it driven by the people who take part.
This collection of columns written for Reuters looks at the human side of corporate travel, the issues affecting individuals who wrestle with motivation, safety, stress, education and down-time management issues while dealing with concerns about leaving a spouse, children or pets behind as they circle the globe for their companies. The information within these columns comes from people who are experts in their fields — doctors, hotel and airline executives, financial and military analysts, motivational speakers, chefs, authors, parents and seasoned road warriors. 

“Gunna Dickson’s columns are for the thinking business traveler who appreciates the non-corporate value added to the tired old fare dished out to weary road warriors. Her enlightening, educational and entertaining columns point readers to the possibilities of actually doing some good as they do better for their corporations.” — Lelei LeLaulu, President, Counterpart International
“Gunna Dickson’s intelligent observations convey the highs and lows of business travel in today’s complicated world. Her collection covers this very important topic with grace and humor.” — Jonathan Critchard, General Manager Athenaeum Hotel, London
“Away on business is an invaluable travel guide, a must read before, during and after every trip.” — William Heffernan, NYTimes bestselling author of The Dinosaur Club
“As a frequent flier, this book provides me with techniques and strategies that make travel easier and less stressful.” — Robert Siciliano, CEO
“This book addresses the particular needs of the business traveler in a fun and human way and has helped us anticipate these ever-changing needs. The column items help us stay in touch with our guests’ experiences, shedding light in a new and refreshing way. A must read for those in the service industry.” — Barbara Bahny David, Director of Public Relations, Willard Intercontinental, Washington D.C.
“Gunna Dickson captures the essence of business travel in a light, entertaining and informative way as only someone who has been a road warrior herself can.” — Morris Silver, CEO M. Silver Associates Inc. 

On the Road Around New England

Thomas Cook Touring Handbooks
By Stephen H. Morgan (Editor) and Kate Hopgood (Editor)
New York City and Long Island chapters were written by Gunna Dickson, one of six authors who contributed to this book
April 30, 1996

Many travelers prize New England most highly for its fine historical sites — this is after all where America began, in many ways. These states are rich in historical links to the Old World, particularly Britain. While the book is primarily written for British travelers and fellow Anglophones from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand,  South Africa and so on.. it will serve just as well for Americans hitting the road to explore that venerable corner of their own country. (Excerpt from Introduction by Stephen H. Morgan.)